March News

David Dewese here. I hope you are well. I’m doing GREAT now that winter is nearly over. It’s time to hit the trails, bust out the flip flops, smile, and live life again. Winter doesn’t treat this homeboy well.

I think everyone realizes I released my solo record back in October. Well, the entire album is now available on the NoiseTrade website for free download. So if you haven’t grabbed it yet now’s your chance.

The most important thing that I’m wanting to tell y’all about is Noisetrade’s “TELL 5 FRIENDS” option. If you’d rather not pay money for the album you can download it for free by simply sending it to 5 friends. I’m a fan of this option. This helps me spread the word, you get to own the album, and your friends learn about new music. Everyone wins!

For those of you that purchased my album long ago with your hard-earned cash, THANK YOU. If you like the album I’m inviting you to send your friends the link. Since you are my friends, I’ll tell you about some NoiseTrade albums I’ve downloaded and really love. Bryan Brown, Kate York, Judd & Maggie, Katie Herzig, Robby Hecht, and Cheyenne Medders.

Oh yeah, I’m playing a show Thursday night in Nashville. Jeremy, Chop, and Kimbo will be my band mates for the night. We go on 2nd at 9pm. Here are the details:

Thursday March 19th / Nashville, TN
The Rutledge / $5.00 / 8:00pm
w/ Sara Beth Geoghegan & Kara Langer