June Update

Are you good? You never write, you never call. I guess I’ll talk about me then! Well, my favorite season is here. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy summer? I’ve already been to the beach so all is well. Here’s what else is going on….

Okay, so you know I’ve been giving my album away for free on my website, right? Well, now I’ve posted all of the acoustic demos for the entire album as well as two additional album demo songs called Concertina and Gone. Most of the songs were recorded with just me and my guitar using my MacBook’s Garageband program. Super simple and lo-fi. If you’re curious to hear it you can head over to my website and get the album for free by forwarding the music to 5 friends or paying whatever you want.

I certainly love being the center of attention all the time but something that I equally enjoy is supporting other artists. My friend, Sara Beth Geoghegan, is an awesome touring piano singer girl and she’s asked me to play guitar for her several times this summer. We’re headed to California for a week, then Arizona, then off to Texas for a while. She’s the star but I’ll be strumming my guitar and singing lots of harmony and even singing leads from time to time. I’ve posted a video of the two of us singing (or should I say practicing on stage) for the first time together on my website.

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but the party is really happening at twitter these days. I’m tweeting like a mad man. Sometimes up to once or twice a day. Lookout Ashton Kutcher!

I know I don’t have to tell you that my album is available on iTunes but I DO want to remind you that I have 6 other albums on iTunes. The Luxury Liners and The Foxymorons albums are all on iTunes and we’re now on all of the other digital music providers as well. So go get your download on!

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