Free Christmas Album

Merry Christmas, y’all! It’s December 1st so I am officially rocking Christmas tunes 24-7 at my house. What about you? Speaking of Christmas music, most of you know I recorded an entire Christmas album last year in Nashville. I sold out of the initial pressing of CD’s so it’s only been available digitally on iTunes. This year I’ve decided to give it away for FREE. Well, you *do* have to fork over your email address but after that it’s yours for free or whatever price you want to tip. See the widget over there in the right-side menu? Fill out that form to start the process. (Click here if you can’t figure it out.) I hope you enjoy the album and use the share links to tell your friends about it.

I’m going to be playing a few little events this month in the San Diego area but no official shows until next year. Be sure you sign up for the mailing list while you’re here.