Why Does This Site Exist?

This pages exists because after ten years of putting out records with my bands I decided I needed to put out a record with my name on the cover. Mostly because when I play solo shows it’s confusing to fill the merch table up with albums that don’t have my name on them. So I’m making a record and most likely some of the songs will end up on future Foxymorons or Luxury Liners albums. Most of them are songs I wrote in 2007 however there are a few leftovers from years back that I’m excited to finally get to record. I’m making the album with my old friend Chris Brush here in Nashville. I hope to have it done by Summer. Anyways, that’s the explanation if anyone was curious.

The latest Foxymoron update is that Jerry and I are slowly writing the 4th album called Bible Stories. We have over 20 songs but we only really like a couple of them. So it’s taking longer than we’d hoped for us to actually start recording. In the meantime we’re also learning about garment making.

The latest Luxury Liners news is that since Larry moved to Michigan we’ve been playing shows with a rotating cast of talented characters. Larry is still in the family however he can’t play shows with us very much so his role is evolving into more of a long-distance studio musician-type role. Scott and I are wanting to record a few songs with our friends Grant Johnson (pedal steel/guitar) and Jeremy Stephens (fiddle/mandolin) and see how that country flavor sounds on us.

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