Make The Best Of It

I made a solo album! You can get it at iTunes, CD Baby Paypal, or Amazon. Be sure to visit my Facebook artist page at Facebook or MySpace to get the latest.

I recorded it earlier this year in houses around Nashville with the help of my friend Chris Brush. He served as the producer of the album, engineer, mixing whiz, and also ended up playing all the drums.

I played a lot of the instruments but I was fortunate to have the help of several other friends as well. Jeremy Stephens played all the fiddle and mandolin parts. Grant Johnson rocked the steel guitar and banjo. David Wilstermann sent me some bowed bass contributions from Michigan. Aaron Oliva played the upright doghouse bass. Kim Bowen played all the good piano parts. Andy wells played accoridian. Stephen Jerkins played organ. Mark Lange played harmonium.

My friend Alex McCullough mastered the album at Yes Master in Nashville. Phil & Mindy Thornton took the photo one day that summer and Sean Williams of The Nobility did all of the illustration and design work.

I wrote the songs and my Foxymorons band mate, Jerry James, co-wrote This Too Shall Pass with me.

01. Dear Self 3:37
02. This Too Shall Pass 3:09
03. Make The Best Of It 4:39
04. Without You 4:01
05. Keep Hanging On 3:32
06. Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About Her 2:37
07. Moment Too Late 3:46
08. The Only One 3:23
09. Heart Of The Matter 3:16
10. Lake Tawakoni 3:29
11. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 3:35

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