Worship Jam 2018 – Song Summer

Worship Jam is returning to Moonlight Beach this summer with an exciting new twist…WE’RE writing the songs. Starting next Wednesday, June 20th, we’ll be down at Moonlight (6:30-8:00) working on songs and jamming together as a group. We need singers, strummers, drummers, writers, poets, theologians, comedians, gourmet chefs, and curious onlookers. Basically, YOU! All skill levels are welcome. Join the Worship Jam Facebook Group to stay in the loop. 

Roxy Encinitas

Let’s meet for lunch on Saturday the 14th at The Roxy in Encinitas. I’ll be playing original music music from 12-2pm and there’s no telling who else will join me on stage.

Does this photo mean that Carly will also be on stage? Does this photo mean that I will be dressed like a character from West World? Does this photo have anything to do with anything?

Worship Jam is back for 2017

Hey California friends, Worship Jam is happening again this summer. We’ll once again be strumming down at Moonlight Beach every Wednesday night in July and August. We have a Facebook group called ‘Worship Jam’ if you want to add yourself to the mix.

Worship Jam 2016

SUMMER UPDATE: For the 5th year in a row I’m hosting Worship Jam on Wednesday’s in July and August at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. We usually have 20-30 folks show up each week to strum easy-for-guitar songs together. Open invite.

I’m still leading worship music at North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad a few weekends each month.

I’m actually playing a solo show (with Kirk Cumming) at Dazzle of the Bands next month in Carlsbad. That might be my first solo show this year.

No new songs or recordings to report. Have a great summer!

David Dewese & Friends

David Dewese & Friends will be our thing tonight at Relm: Wine. Beer. Bistro. Carlsbad from 7-10pm if you happen to be in North County San Diego and want to listen to sensitive singer/songwriter music or explosive guitar solos. Relm is a family-friendly bistro in historic Carlsbad Village that expertly provides the perfect food/drink pairings for memorable nights with friends, intimate romantic dates or listening to super cool live music.

I am a Worship Leader

For the last year I’ve been telling people that I’m no longer interested in music and that I’ve finally retired that hobby/dream/obsession. I was recently cruising my Instagram feed and it’s ALL music. Ha ha ha! Guess I still like it after all. Relieved it’s no longer what I live for or where I find my identity though. Super thankful for the opportunity to still be strumming regularly because playing music is fun, y’all! Californians are invited to strum with me this Wednesday and Friday night at Moonlight Beach. Thank you to @fullyconvincedkid for sharing this photo of me doing something I said I could never do. Also, I will karate chop anyone that claims this is a humblebrag.

Summer Beach Jam every Wednesday

Beach JamIt’s happening again this summer. I’ll be jamming in the grass at Moonlight Beach every Wednesday from 6:30-8:00pm. Once again teaching simple guitar lessons until 7:00pm then diving into an hour of easy-to-strum guitar songs until 8pm. Bring a picnic and come hang.

We’ll still be doing easy-to-play Christian worship songs but also adding some other classic, simple songs to the mix. The goals are to grow a musical community, encourage timid beginners, and create new worship leaders. Please invite your family, friends, kids, co-workers and strangers. Let’s strum together!

Moonlight Beach is in Encinitas, California and we will be meeting at the corner of 3rd and B Street. Please contact me with questions.

Solo Show At Relm

IMG_0259-1I have a SOLO SHOW on Thursday May 14th at Relm in Carlsbad, California, from 6:30-9:30. Y’all come enjoy dinner with me and explain how to properly use the auto-timer on my iPhone.

Indoor Worship Jam

Another indoor Worship Jam is happening this Friday night in room A-105 at North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Free guitar lessons offered from 6:30pm-7:00pm then the group jam begins. Please forward this info to anyone that might be interested and feel free to contact me with questions. First-timer study guide: http://goo.gl/IWFXkL

Worship Jam 2014 – Moonlight Beach

Pull that dusty old guitar out from under your bed because Worship Jam is happening again. We’ll have a beach blanket saved for you this Wednesday at Moonlight Beach from 6:30-8:00pm. It’s a welcoming place for nervous beginners, lapsed shredders, passionate singers, and salty pros to grow musically while singing Christian praise songs about Jesus. Feel free to invite your friends that might have an interest in guitar, drums, singing, smiling, or Jesus.

The New Album Upside Down

Exciting times around my music headquarters here in California. I’m proud to announce the release of my new album, Upside Down. It’s a 5-songer that I recorded in Nashville, TN & Encinitas, CA between 2010-2011. This is the project I used producers on instead of my usual do-it-yourself production style. I had a blast working with Chris Brush at his In The Red studio on Gorgeous Grace and My Sweet Dove. The supergroup of Tom, Brett and Todd at Zod Lounge produced Into Emptiness. My friend Taylor Harris of 3,2,1…Famous Productions produced Upside Down. I produced Life Is Good and had Alex McCollough of Yes Master! in Nashville master the entire project. Jason Ward of Encinitas shot the cover photo last fall at Coronado Island and I designed the packaging. You can stream the entire album using the widget below. I’m selling autographed CD’s with immediate digital downloads from my web store and you can of course grab a copy at iTunes if that’s your sort of thing.

1. Upside Down
2. Into Emptiness
3. Gorgeous Grace
4. Into Emptiness
5. Life Is Good